Ever Wonder Who You Are Talking To

Recognizing and Adapting to Different Styles

How You will Benefit:

  • Discover,Understand & Embrace Your Preferred Behavioral Style and its Natural Gifts.
  • Learn the Traits and Characteristics of the four primary psychological approaches to life.
  • Begin to learn how to recognize others’ Behavioral Styles and their Natural Gifts.
  • Obtain Tips for adapting and connecting to the 8 different styles.
  • Learn how to begin to develop personalized strategies for dealing with “difficult styles”.
  • Acquire a framework for self-understanding, and understanding others to help you to better meet the demands of your particular environment.
  • Design your next “Best Actions” in to expand your skills in adapting to others’ styles.

What Participants Have Said:

  •  I found their approach to Behavioral Styles easy to grasp and easy to apply as well. Other approaches to the subject that I’ve encountered haven’t had the beneficial and lasting effect that theirs has had.
  • “Ever Wonder Who You Are Talking To?” was fun, but profound at the same time. I’m getting pretty good at recognizing others’ styles, and it helps so much in providing top notch customer service.
  • I never realized before how easy it is to communicate more effectively by being conscious of “who I am talking to” in terms of their preferred style.
  • This made an immediate, positive difference for me in communicating and working with my staff.