How to Coach People to Succeed.

Coaching has become a requisite skill for leaders and managers. Coaching is fundamentally a different way of leading others to enhance their own performance.

Coaches are masters of influence without authority. Coaching is a way of being – a new way of thinking and interacting with people. Coaching is facilitating a person in their own commitment and enthusiasm to accomplish their objectives. Ultimately, coaching makes your work easier and helps you generate extra time, whether you are the coach or the player/client.

Offered in 1 and 2-day formats for individuals and groups at all levels; each workshop includes the new accelerated learning tool, The CoachLab Game. Participants get the latest and most effective coaching tools and techniques available and the book COACH ANYONE ABOUT ANYTHING: How to Succeed in Business & Life, by CoachLab inventors, Germaine Porché and Jed Niederer. Whether you are new to coaching or are a seasoned veteran, this course will positively impact your coaching ability right now.


Coaching Outcomes Worksheet
Coaching Outcomes Contract


“The CoachLab workshop dramatically improved my ability to coach business executives to success. The techniques and tools are practical, effective and easy to apply. If you want to empower others to achieve extraordinary success, take this workshop now!”

Jerry N. Gauche,
Vice President Organizational Effectiveness,
National Oil-Well, Inc.


“CoachLab promised a lot and delivered more. It was all “stuff” with no” fluff.” You did it with ease and fun. Jed & Germaine, you make a great team and it was very helpful to see you practice what you preach. You two are definitely a coach’s coach. I use your coaching tools every day with my graphology clients and my coaching business. I would highly recommend your CoachLab to any serious professional. Thank you both for enriching my life and enabling me to be more effective helping others succeed.

Iris Hatfield,
President, HuVista International, Inc.