resultsEagle’s View Consultants are proud to have assisted their Clients in producing the following Outcomes:

  • Coached CEO to lead his 5-year-old company to an increase in revenue of 56% in North America in one year. Trained core staff in communication and productivity.
  • Facilitated an Oil Services Company in designing new company strategy to grow their business. Assisted company in the implementation of the strategy which resulted in a sales increase from $600 million to $4 billion in 8 years.
  • Trained and coached 5 Reengineering Teams, one for each Division, in this 5 billion dollar manufacturing company. Reduced fixed costs by 30% in each division within one year.
  • Facilitated US and German automotive sales and marketing teams in redesigning a mutually acceptable marketing strategy. The German and US groups had been deeply conflicted about their product line for 15 years. Six months after the implementation of the new strategy the US and German people were still committed to their revamped product mix. The Eagle’s View Choice Panorama™ was used to produce this result.