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Why you should read Coach Anyone About Anything, Volume 2

getAbstract is delighted to inform you about the promotion of your title Coach Anyone About Anything by Germaine Porché and Jed Niederer on the Business Traveller’s website. Congratulations!

Launched in the UK in 1976, Business Traveller is a leading international business magazine. It currently publishes 10 editions worldwide. The Daily Telegraph voted one of the top 20 travel websites.

Executive coaches Jed Niederer and Germaine Porché discuss how organizations also can benefit from having coaches and what you can contribute as a coach. Niederer and Porché provide kernels of wisdom and a variety of coaching tips amid a more than plentiful array charts, graphs and models. They tell coaches how to help people and their organizations succeed by working with activities already in place “that drive high performance” and countering “those…that dampen it.” Though the book could be better organized, it’s well informed and good hearted. Organizations and coaches will find beneficial counsel here. getAbstract recommends this commonsense manual to coaches, consultants, their clients, and organizational leaders who plan to use coaches or consultants.


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Space for Results: Is your Environment by Design or Accident?

How you will benefit: Learn the 3 main aspects of environment and ways to manage all three. Examine how your environment shapes your actions Design your environment to produce the results you want “The environment that people live in is the environment that they learn to live in, respond to, and perpetualte. If the environment […]

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Shifting From Time Management to Results Management

How You Will Benefit: Discover a different perspective about time. Learn how time traditions can hold you back Contrast between traditional time management and Time Transformation Accomplish more with less Learn how to get beyond procrastination This interactive session gives you the opportunity to reflect on how you’re spending your time. Do you organize your […]

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What is This Thing Called Coaching?

Taking the Mystery out of Coaching How you will benefit: Distinguish coaching from mentoring, management and leadership. Know when to coach, mentor, manage, or lead Free yourself of common coaching myths. Acquire key principles and concepts of effective coaching and learn practical methods to implement them easily. Learn how to develop personalized coaching strategies to […]

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