Rapid Work ReDesign™

Streamlining processes for more efficiency.

A dynamic consulting intervention, Rapid Work Redesign allows a company to re-invent key business processes to obtain significant, targeted improvements in measured performance. This includes the examination of organizational mindsets and their redesign when necessary.

Swift Business Process Improvement, New and Innovative Techniques

Traditionally, mapping key business processes can consume days and sometimes weeks. We have invented a methodology, called Panorama Card Process Mapping, which enables redesign teams to map a business process in usually less than two hours without sacrificing quality. We provide teams with remarkably efficient tools with which to examine existing processes to save you money, improve productivity, and improve quality. Furthermore, teams learn proven, creative procedures to help them re-invent their work.

Rapid Work Redesign ordinarily begins with a three-day workshop for team leaders and team members followed by regular coaching sessions. Teams leave the initial workshop ready to begin implementing some of their new design immediately.


Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama reduced the number of steps in their admissions procedure from 96 to 16. This business process redesign took only one day.

Sawmill in British Columbia, Canada reopened by redesigning and implementing their new processes in 14 days. Met their 4th Quarter cost targets in the 1st Quarter.

Estate Planning firm in Boca Raton, Florida reduced process time with clients from 6 to 12 months to 1 ½ months.

Box manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio through this method of business process improvement improved productivity 23% within 2 months.

Automobile Insurance Claims Department in UK reduced time to pay policy owners’ claims from 30 days to 10 days.

Trained 5 functional accounting teams in Rapid Work Redesign™ such that they reduced annual costs by $3 million dollars. Trained 35 personnel in coaching through the 2-Day CoachLab® Program.