Coach Anyone About Anything Vol. 1

Among Amazon’s Best 100 Business Books of 2003, this information-rich book contains 56 coaching tools & techniques to assist people in achieving their objectives. This easy-to-read guidebook shows readers how to motivate, manage and empower others to meet their business or personal goals. Whether you’re a layman or a professional coach, this book will help you help others succeed. Essential reading for: CEOs making changes; managers motivating teams; Human Resources professionals; corporate trainers and coaches; entrepreneurs starting out; Consultants working with clients; parents of difficult teenagers; and anyone responsible for the success of others.

“Coach Anyone About Anything strips the mystique out of coaching and will enable and empower you to help your team and your people get to the Future First.”

Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi

“ Coach Anyone will provide you with immediate benefit within the first few pages. Jed and Germaine’s book is a combination of powerful and practical tools along with solid coaching theory. They exemplify what coaching is really about. They’re the real thing! I heartily recommend this book to anyone involved in helping others increase their effectiveness”

Doug Upchurch,
Insights Learning & Development

This book is jam-packed with proven methods and techniques to coach employees, colleagues, and clients. Written for people serious about coaching, Coach Anyone About Anything: How to Help People Succeed in Business and Life contains practical information whether you’re coaching an executive, a manager, a salesperson, an employee, a work team or a project team.

In this book you’ll discover proven approaches and secrets to boost your skills as a coach. Germaine Porché and Jed Niederer share with you tools, exercises and processes that they’ve created to help their clients accomplish their business objectives and dreams for over 35 cumulative years. After finishing this book, you’ll come away with the most complete coaching toolkit available today.

More praise for Coach Anyone About Anything, Volume 1…

“Coach Anyone provides a wide variety of practical recipes for coaches to use in facilitating people in their own commitment and enthusiasm to accomplish their objectives”

Mary Beth Moehring,
Vice President Training & Development, SYSCO Corporation

“Already seasoned executive coaches ourselves, we greatly enhanced our abilities with what we found inCoach Anyone About Anything. The coaching models and proven approaches are elegant and powerful. We recommend this book to anyone who wants to dramatically improve their coaching effectiveness and produce breakthrough results.”

Shideh Sedgh Bina & Michael Waldman,
Senior Partners, INSIGNIAM Performance Consulting

“If you want to empower others to achieve extraordinary success, read Coach Anyone About Anything now!”

Jerry N. Gauche, Vice President,
Sales Worldwide, National Oilwell Varco

“Calling on readers to intentionally operate from a coaching stance, Coach Anyone outlines an approach that ensures a positive result through creating and sustaining a powerful coaching relationship.”

Gail Hughes, Vice President,Organization Capability,
Chevy Chase Bank

“Best coaching book on the market! The fundamentals for coaching in this book are the basis for training our new business coaches. They and our experienced coaches use Coach Anyone over and over again as the reference to serve their clients.”

C.T. ”Tex“Johnston,
CEO, Johnston Consulting Group