Who Uses Eagle’s View®?


Entrepreneurs love the flexibility of Eagle’s View tools to fit into their business and their lifestyle. With Eagle’s View they create their own personal results management system rather than trying to cram themselves into a ridged pre-packaged book system with standard forms.

Executives and Managers

Executives and Managers Benefit immensely utilizing the unique Project Panorama. It is the ideal tool to get a view of the “big picture” from which to make decisions. Your attention shifts from merely organizing activities, to coordinating actions from a senior perspective, a panoroamic view. You’ll be managing mutiple projects smoothly and all at once.

Project Managers and Teams

Team planning and project management are greatly enhanced with Eagle’s View Products because they are remarkably useful and flexible. Teams find that they are able to plan better and much faster as a group using Eagle’s View proven techniques such as Panorama card planning. Click Here to read our article about this quick and effective planning technique.


Students tell us that they are better able to manage their school and social activities with Eagle’s View than with conventional book systems. Using Panorama cards even help students take short effective notes and the Panorama allows them to see their schedule at a glance and what they’ve planned to accomplish for the day.

Partners and Families

Partners and families report how their communication has improved since they’ve been sharing their dreams and Eagle’s View of their life with one another. With Eagle’s View people find they are able to expand the view of their lives and begin to realize their dreams.


“I look at my life as spinning plates. Eagle’s View helps me to see all the plates and which ones need attention right now to keep them spinning.”

Business Owner,
Carmel, California


“With my eagle’s view, I am able to move each of my projects ahead a little each day.”

Systems Analyst,
Oil Exploration & Production Company,
Karachi, Pakistan


“I have always been proud of how organized I am. Since participating in the Eagle’s View workshop – I’m more organized than ever before!””

Manager, Public Utilities Company,
Indianapolis, Indiana