Eagle’s View®

Time & Project Management Course

The Eagle’s View workshop is a set of tools and practices beyond time management as well as a course in time transformation. We offer live workshops in 4-hour and 1-day seminars. Eagle’s View materials and concepts have been utilized successfully by thousands of people ranging from the CEO of a Fortune 100 company to an eighth grade student. Eagle’s View has been well received in both private corporate sessions and public seminars since 1989 conducted in the U.S., Spain, Great Britain and Canada.

How to Get Better Results Faster

Are there things you’ve dreamt about but haven’t found the time? You can develop a system to help you realize your dreams. Eagle’s View participants report remarkable personal improvement. Their attention shifts from merely organizing activities to orchestrating effective actions from a senior perspective, a panoramic view of the whole. This panoramic view, an Eagle’s View, is accomplished using unique concepts and thinking differently. Getting an eagle’s view is being able to look at your business with altitude. It’s working on your business, key people and interests – all at once, enabling you to take actions from the whole of your life. People don’t work on what they don’t see.

Are there things you’ve dreamt about but haven’t found the time? Getting an Eagle’s View will help you realize your dreams.

Who uses Eagle’s View®?


“Finally, Freedom! Eagle’s View has provided me with a freedom and a focus that years of lists, organizational and time management tools have failed to provide.

My experience of my day to day life has changed from one of “never being able to get it all done” and a chronic sense of overwhelm to one of focus and joy!”

Special Education Teacher,
Houston, Texas


“I no longer have that nagging question, “Is there something I’ve not done today that needed to get done today?”. Eagle’s View is so simple. I love it!”

Author & Management Consultant,
Encinitas, California