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Some 50 years ago, a musical called How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying took Broadway by storm. The story of a young man maneuvering his way up the corporate ladder sans work ethics or notable skills entertains crowds to this day. Unlike Broadway, there’s no script or guarantee of success in the real world, although a happy ending is attainable. By partnering with Germaine Porche, President of Eagle’s View Consulting, independent entrepreneurs to individuals in Fortune 500 companies have accelerated their performance and soared to new heights.

An eagle’s view is described as panoramic because they have the ability to see forward and to both sides simultaneously. Germaine uses this technique to approach her client’s challenges for a clear view to a solution. In Germaine’s own words, “Coaching is facilitating a person in their own commitment and enthusiasm to accomplish their objectives. People don’t work on what they don’t see.” For instance, with proper direction, a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama was able to redesign their admissions procedure and reduce the number of steps from 96 to 16, accomplishing this in only one day.

Germaine and her business partner, Jed Niederer, have written several power-packed books that are guides to achieving a specific outcome with measurable results. Germaine’s book, Coach Anyone About Anything: How to Help People Succeed in Business and Life encompasses every aspect of your life. Coaching Soup for the Cartoon Soul is a fun, quick read. Dream Makers & Dream Breakers – Get an Eagles View of Your Life audio CD and Workbook may be your chosen starting point. These and other valuable tools are available on the Eagle’s View Consulting website. Germaine also conducts interactive workshops where tools like The CoachLab Game encourages an entertaining, yet productive, learning experience.

Goals can be realized sooner when you focus on your objective and streamline your time. Eagle’s View concepts have been utilized successfully by thousands of people internationally, including the CEO of a Fortune 100 company and an eighth grade student! It may be possible to succeed in business without really trying, but you’ll never feel like a success. With direction from Germaine Porche and Eagle’s View Consulting, a sense of accomplishment is assured.

Germaine Porche
Website: www.eaglesview.com
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