Eagle’s View® Game


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The game’s purpose is to assist people in mastering the proven principles, concepts and techniques of outcome management.

The EAGLE’S VIEW GAME can be used as a stand-alone learning tool, or in concert with the EAGLE’S VIEW Course & Workshop. Up to four people can play this challenging board game, which will normally last 45 minutes. The EAGLE’S VIEW GAME is easy to play, highly interactive, and fun.

Players learn new outcome management techniques to improve their productivity and deepen their existing knowledge of effective results management. In addition, players gain valuable, new insights from the other participants during play.


The EAGLE’S VIEW GAME is a highly effective learning instrument, applying accelerated learning techniques, first discovered by Dr. Georgi Lozanov, the father of this science.

Techniques include playing Baroque music softly in the background during play. Baroque music has been proven to increase learning by relaxing people’s bodies and simultaneously improving their concentration. Another facet of accelerated learning is playing games.

The challenge of the EV Game itself enhances learning and retention. Learning and retention are further accelerated by participation and application of the EAGLE’S VIEW outcome management material during the game.

Having fun is another key to accelerated learning. Participants report having a great deal of fun while playing the EAGLE’S VIEW GAME.

Another technique that allows players to learn faster is to have them pretend to be someone else or assume another identity while playing the EAGLE’S VIEW GAME. Nametags are provided for players to display their new ‘game name’.

Color plays an important role in accelerated learning – not particular colors, just the use of color. You will find the EAGLE’S VIEW game board and materials to be vibrant with color.

Review and repetition are important aspects of accelerated learning. If game participants, prior to playing the game, attend in the EAGLE’S VIEW Course (either the Live workshop or CD Audio Course), the game will serve as a most engaging and enjoyable review.