CoachLab® Certification

For Individuals, Entrepreneurs & Corporations*

Business Coaching, Team Coaching, Executive Coaching

The Coachlab® Certification program offers personalized training and coaching while you earn your Coaching Certification. You can be certified in as little as 3 months, and we provide ongoing coaching to help you build your practice after you are certified. We provide the best training available in coaching offered by two of the top coaches in the world. You benefit from our leading edge coaching tools, techniques and years of experience.

Being certified Coach requires the mastery of four essential coaching spheres:

Knowledge – Having familiarity, awareness, understanding and education regarding coaching. Having information about the player(s) essential to effective coaching. Possessing principles, procedures and practices of effective coaching.

Practices – Engaging in practical and useful actions regarding coaching. To use one’s coaching knowledge frequently. Having proper coaching habits and customs. Repeated performance. To observe or adhere to one’s philosophy, standards, beliefs or ideals about coaching. The application of coaching principles results in the condition of being proficient or skillful.

Structure – Organizing for coaching sessions. Composing interrelated parts to form a coaching system or organization to help deliver coaching systematically.

Being – One’s coaching philosophy manifested. Coaching manner or a “way of being”. Fundamental or essential nature when coaching.

Instruction Methods:

  • Curriculum, by telephone or live
  • CoachLab – Completion of the live course or telecourse.
  • Mastery of the Coaching Concepts & Principles outlined in the book, COACH ANYONE ABOUT ANYTHING.
  • Eagle’s View time transformation course.
  • Practical Assignments
  • Demonstrating Coaching Knowledge & Skill
  • Establishing Structure & Preparedness for Coaching

* These custom certification programs are co-designed with corporate members.