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Feedforward or Feedback? Communication for Moving People to Action

Recently, during a coaching session with an executive (whom we’ll call Jodie), I listened as she described conversations with her staff. The feedback that her staff gave her went something like this: “You’re hard to communicate with.” “I don’t feel empowered when you speak to me.” “You sound impatient when you speak to me.” “You […]

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Keynote Speaker


Need a speaker for your upcoming meeting or conference? Germaine delivers interactive and collaborative keynotes that balance and reinforce learning with a fun and engaging atmosphere. Each session is customized to meet your goals and outcomes. Some popular subjects include: Leadership & Engagement Networking Coaching & Communication Skills Presentation Skills Contact us for information or […]

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Rapid Work Redesign

Rapid Work Redesign™

Streamlining processes for more efficiency. A dynamic consulting intervention, Rapid Work Redesign allows a company to re-invent key business processes to obtain significant, targeted improvements in measured performance. This includes the examination of organizational mindsets and their redesign when necessary. Swift Business Process Improvement, New and Innovative Techniques Traditionally, mapping key business processes can consume […]

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