Germaine Porché, MSOD and Jed Niederer, CLU, best-selling authors of Coach Anyone About Anything: How to Help People Succeed in Business and Life, have successfully coached and consulted executives, teams and entrepreneurs in accelerating business performance internationally for more than 18 years. They have led workshops on leadership, breakthrough performance, communication, personal & organizational effectiveness and coaching for more than 100,000 people in 15 countries.

Germaine and Jed are interviewed here on this audio CD by Carmen Wisenbaker, President of Penworth Publishing. Carmen asks the ten most frequently asked questions of these experts about the coaching field. Each question leads to in-depth discussions about how to implement effective coaching methods and techniques. And included with this valuable CD is a 20-page illustrated, follow-along workbook.

If you want to take your coaching practice to the next level or if you’ve ever wondered what you need to do to become a Coach, this CD/Workbook combination will help you get started fast! The Top 10 Questions came from Porché and Niederer’s client base of Business/Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Executives, Managers, and Internal Corporate Coaches & Consultants.

Praise for Ask The Coaches

“This combination CD & Workbook is an information-packed jewel. It has many simple, elegant and intelligent coaching tools for business and life coaches.”

– Tom Colucci, Business Coach, Johnston Consulting Group, New Mexico

“Germaine and Jed have summarized, in a succinct manner, a tremendous volume of coaching knowledge. As knowledge workers, we are challenged more and more each day to produce extraordinary results with limited resources. Methodically outlined, this CD and workbook take us through the principles of coaching to the organizational context of why coaching is important. They walk us through the continuum from individual to organization and how coaching can generate desired results, while creating a less stressful organizstional culture.”

– Diana Morales Taylor, CEO, YWCA, Houston, Texas

“No matter how experienced you are as a coach – beginner or master, this CD gives fantastic new perspectives on real questions that we all agonize over. If you want to help people realise their dreams, grab your copy now!”

– Sara Moore, Transformation Consultant & Coach, Achieve Breakthrough, Ltd., UK

“Germaine and Jed are without a doubt the experts in executive coaching. Their ‘Ask The Coaches’ CD series is perfect for showcasing their vast knowledge and expertise in the area.”
– Carmen Wisenbaker, President, Penworth Publishing, Author, 52 Ways To Become Famous

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